Large Data Processing and Storage

In the course of one airborne mission, a wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) sensor generates terabytes of data. This massive store of information must be processed and archived in such way as to allow for easy retrieval and analysis. That’s no mean feat, but it’s something that Logos Technologies does well.

We solve the large data handling and retrieval problem associated with sensor systems through our patented Video Image Storage Techniques (VIST), which employ advanced registration and 3D modeling to achieve high compression rates and precise geo-location. Our data processing chains turn hundreds of megapixels per second of imagery data into actionable information in real time.  

And it’s not just WAMI that we can handle. Logos Technologies can process and condition vast amounts of disparate data and normalize it for immediate retrieval and easy cross-referencing.

We’ve developed a tool that provides unified data discovery and display of multi-sensor/multi-INT data in real time. This enables operators to establish entity level association between sensors quickly enough to impact real-time sensor tasking and mission operations.

As experts in the field, Logos is also working with Air Force Research Laboratory’s Processing Exploitation and Analysis of Large Data Sets (PEALDS) program, which aims to improve the collection, cataloguing, processing, exploitation, and dissemination of different streams of data from multiple types of sensors.

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