Lightweight Wide-Area Motion Imagery for Manned and Unmanned Aircraft

Weighing less than 54lbs, the electro-optical LEAPS wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) system delivers the same power as larger WAMI systems, while being compact and low power enough to be mounted on tactical unmanned aircraft, such as the RQ-7 Shadow. With LEAPS, troops who in the past would not have had access to WAMI can now use it to conduct overwatch and routine reconnaissance.

LEAPS acts as a “server in the sky” for ground forces, providing up to 10 users with concurrent, real-time coverage of a city-sized area and allowing for multiple watchboxes. The system’s onboard processing capability simultaneously archives this data, geo-and-temporally tagging the information for future forensic analysis.

LEAP’s features include:

  • Group-3 UAS SWAP compatible
  • Simultaneous access for up to 10 users on the ground
  • Multiple concurrent “watchboxes”
  • Data from across a city-sized area is constantly monitored, tagged and archived
  • Lightweight design allows for additional platform payloads
  • Tactical Common Data Link (TCDL) compatible
  • Onboard storage for more than six hours of continuous coverage

For more information on LEAPS, please email contactus@logos-technologies.com.