Operational Support for Sensor Systems

As a leader in the wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) sensor field, Logos Technologies goes beyond just developing sophisticated systems. We help engineer mission success by providing our domestic and international customers with a wide range of operational services that enable them to extract maximum value from their systems.

Drawing from our deep experience in the military, intelligence community, and scientific research, Logos Technologies provides such services as intelligence collection and analysis, operations and maintenance support, logistics management, and sensor and analytics training services.

Logos Technologies’ experts can be deployed rapidly to any location around the globe to support a variety of critical missions. These operators are expertly trained, able to adapt to a variety of needs and expectations, and are skilled in providing professional and high quality operational support.

Our operations services and capabilities include:

Operations and Maintenance

  • Technology support
  • Field operations
  • Logistics management
  • Equipment maintenance and support
  • Critical mission support
  • Hardware and software procurement


  • Deployed analysis teams
  • Fusion of disparate and unconditioned data
  • Operational and intelligence integration
  • Tradecraft development and refinement
  • Situational awareness


  • On-site CONUS and OCONUS training teams
  • Rapidly deployable, multidisciplinary training teams
  • Mission-relevant, multi-faceted training modules

For more information on Operational Support for Sensor Systems, please email contactus@logos-technologies.com.