R&D Lifecycle Services

At Logos Technologies, we’re experts at sensor research and development (R&D). We’ve developed and deployed multiple wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) systems for Department of Defense (DoD), and intelligence community customers—and we’ve done so under tight deadlines and budgetary restrictions.

We have extensive experience in all phases of R&D work, from pure research to development, prototyping and demonstration, to the fielding of operational WAMI sensors. And our broad technical and operational experience, combined with our proven program management capabilities, provides Logos’ customers with a low-risk path to effective solutions that meet program objectives and perform in the field.

Logos Technologies uses a methodical, yet flexible, approach to system engineering. We apply “best practice” R&D methods and a tailored, iterative approach to maximize innovation, while meeting customer needs.

All of our R&D projects are executed based on DoD 5000 acquisition processes and practices set forth by the Defense Acquisition University/DoD Systems Management College.

In addition, Logos Technologies applies its system engineering processes during each phase of the R&D lifecycle to ensure that our solutions meet all performance and operational requirements.

Adaptability is key to successful concept and prototype development. Logos Technologies maintains regular communication with our customers throughout the concept development and design process to enable flexibiilty and adjustments along the way.

As part of our approach, we begin with a set of in-depth trade studies conducted by subject matter experts. These trade studies consider solutions that meet customer needs and constraints.

Once we identify viable options, we perform an analysis of alternatives to determine the best concepts for presentation to the customer. Through this iterative process, Logos ensures that the results from the concept development and design phase meet all of our customer needs.

Our strength is our process. When designing a prototype for customers, Logos Technologies conducts regular design reviews, mitigating risk and ensuring the design meets all requirements. Then, when the customer approves a design, Logos moves forward to fabricate, assemble, and integrate the prototype.

All along the way, the prototype is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets every functional and performance requirement, after which it is demonstrated to the customer.

Customers trust Logos Technologies because we recognize the importance of sourcing dependable partners, rapidly developing multiple iterations of prototypes, and collaborating with partners and suppliers early in the design process to achieve a working integrated system that meets customer needs.

In addition to design, testing, integration, and training, our team brings with a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, including:

  • A cleanroom for sensitive optical and electrical assembly
  • Dedicated machine shop
  • Reconfigurable systems integration lab
  • Optical calibration and test equipment
  • IESD-protected electronics laboratory
  • Lab space to support all levels of integration and testing
  • Thermal chambers, vibration tables, and two-axis rate tables
  • Internal HALT and EMC/EMI testing infrastructure

At Logos Technologies, we’ve led both component and system-level tests and evaluations on our WAMI systems, including Constant Hawk for manned aircraft, Kestrel, LEAPS, and Serenity. And we apply those very same R&D skills and services to all of our sensors and systems.

Logos is also available to test and evaluate systems that have been designed and prototyped by other contractors.

With facilities in northern Virginia and Raleigh, N.C., Logos Technologies has the flexibility for quick and reliable production and manufacturing services. We have successfully and repeatedly transitioned R&D projects to final product status, delivering systems that satisfy all customer requirements, at the lowest possible cost, thanks to our tight control of production management processes.

Logos has implemented a robust quality assurance/quality control system and documentation in product development and delivery processes. Our software processes have achieved CMMI Level 3 certification, and our hardware processes incorporate supplier quality compliance inspection/testing, intermediate verification procedures, and factory acceptance testing.

For more information on Activity-Based Analytics, please email contactus@logos-technologies.com.