Persistent city-sized coverage in only 40 pounds.

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Lightweight Wide-Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) for Aerostats and Masts

Simera is an exportable wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) system light enough to be mounted on small aerostats and masts. The entire system—aerostat and ground control station included—is, in fact, so compact that it can be transported in a Humvee and made airborne in under three hours. Much like its Kestrel predecessor, Simera can monitor a city-sized area at once, detecting vehicles and moving dismounts in near real-time. The WAMI sensor can also cue available high-resolution, narrow-field video cameras for close-in inspection. In addition, Simera records everything occurring within its field of view for later analysis.



  • Lightweight – 40 pounds (18.1 kilograms)
  • Resolution optimized to detect moving vehicles and dismounts
  • Unlimited pan and digital zoom within entire field of view
  • Ability to cue high-resolution full-motion video cameras
  • User-defined “watchbox” option provides sensor operators with automated detection alerts
  • Electro-optical motion imagery tagged, indexed, and archived
  • Ruggedized system for easy operation and maintenance
  • Streaming video windows to support multiple sensor operators at once
  • Streaming video to handheld devices

Mission Sets:

  • Force protection
  • Border security
  • Operational surveillance
  • Disaster relief support
  • Anti-terrorism security
  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Sporting or large event security
  • Port or rail security
  • Logistics hubs in developing countries
  • Anti-poaching monitoring

Customers for the Simera electro-optical WAMI system include both domestic and international government and commercial entities. For more information about Simera, please contact us.

Size, Weight, and Power

  • Sensor size: 22 in (56 cm) L x 19 in (48 cm) W x 25 in (64 cm) H
  • Sensor weight : 40 lbs (18 kg)
  • Sensor power: 150 W
  • Sensor voltage: 28 VDC
  • GCS size: 16 u standard rack depth
  • GCS weight: 350 lbs (159 kg)
  • GCS power: < 2 kW


  • Area of coverage: 95 sq km at 1,000 ft (300 m) AGL
  • Effective pixel count: 13 cameras composing a 120 Mpx mosaic
  • GSD (at 3,000 ft/1000 m AGL): 20 cm at 1 km / 80 cm at 5.5 km
  • Design operational altitude: 500 ft (150 m) – 1,500 ft (450 m) AGL
  • Location accuracy: > 50 m geolocation capability
  • Angular coverage: 360 degrees
  • Rendered image stability: < 1 pixel
  • Spectrum: Monochrome, color optional
  • Digital zoom: Yes
  • Refresh rate: 3 Hz
  • Remote operation capable: Yes
  • Cross-cueing: Yes
  • Number of clients/system: > 2
  • Multiple viewer windows: Yes
  • Days of imagery storage: 3 days, expandable to 30 days


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