More than Imagery.

Logos Technologies has a proven track record for developing leading-edge wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) sensors and other advanced solutions. Our systems serve as a force multiplier, allowing operators to identify threats, quickly and affordably, across an entire city-sized area. Learn More About Our Products >>

Logos Technologies - Products - Kestral

Aerostat Mounted Wide-Area Motion Imagery System

Kestrel Block II

Lightweight Day/Night Aerostat Mounted WAMI System

Logos Technologies - Products - Simera

Lightweight Aerostat Mounted Wide-Area Motion System

Logos Technologies - Products - Serenity

Aerostat or Mast Mounted Dual Fire Detection System

Logos Technologies - Products - RedKite

Lightweight Wide-Area Motion Imagery System for Aircraft

Logos Technologies - Products - Hermes

Platform Agnostic Multi-Sensor Pod

Logos Technologies - Products - SlientHawk

Hybrid-Electric Military Motorcycle

Logos Technologies - Products - LEAPS

Ultra-Lightweight Wide-Area Motion Imagery System for Aircraft

Our Expertise.
In Action.

At Logos Technologies, we attract the best and brightest from industry and academia. Our experts are trained engineers, sensor operators, analysts and information management personnel, and we leverage that expertise to deliver services that exceed our customers’ expectations. Learn More About Our Services >>

Our Services.

Supporting Missions.

Whether the mission is protecting troops, monitoring an international border or safeguarding a major sporting event, Logos Technologies works with domestic and foreign customers to find a solution that is flexible, affordable and efficient for their particular need. Learn More About Our Markets >>

Our Markets.

Allowing military commanders to persistently monitor an entire city-sized area, detecting threats otherwise missed by traditional video cameras.

Helping secure borders, national infrastructure and major public events while saving on manpower and cutting down on flight hour costs.

Providing law enforcement with the airborne sensor and data-crunching tools to conduct smart policing – and fire departments, the ability to quickly spot wildfires.

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