ISR Sensors and Services

In terms of persistent and comprehensive coverage, nothing beats wide-area motion imagery (WAMI). One WAMI sensor can monitor hundreds of targets over a city-sized area, while traditional full-motion video (FMV) cameras are limited to narrow fields of view.  

WAMI also optimizes FMV by providing cross-sensor cueing. Once a WAMI sensor detects movers within its coverage area, those target locations can be sent to a hi-resolution FMV camera for a more detailed view.

WAMI Industry Pioneer

Logos Technologies is an industry leader in WAMI. Our team developed Constant Hawk, the first-ever operationally deployed system, and we’ve been at the forefront of WAMI advances ever since. Our current, miniaturized wide-area systems are affordable and lightweight, with low power requirements, yet have increased photogrammetric performance and processing quality.

Current Configurations

Our WAMI systems can be mounted on a wide range of platforms, and a few sensors are available to international customers. Current configurations include:

Logos Technologies - Products - Kestral

Aerostat Mounted Wide-Area Motion Imagery System

Kestrel KS-200

Lightweight Day/Night Aerostat Mounted WAMI System

Logos Technologies - Products - Simera

Lightweight Aerostat Mounted Wide-Area Motion System

Logos Technologies - Products - Serenity

Aerostat or Mast Mounted Dual Fire Detection System

Logos Technologies - Products - RedKite

Lightweight Wide-Area Motion Imagery System for Aircraft

Logos Technologies - Products - Hermes

Platform Agnostic Multi-Sensor Pod

Logos Technologies - Products - Skua

Maritime Wide-Area Motion Imagery System

Logos Technologies - Products - LEAPS

Ultra-Lightweight Wide-Area Motion Imagery System for Aircraft

Hostile Fire Detection

Logos Technologies also offers Serenity, a dual-sensor hostile fire detection system developed for aerostat or mast deployment and customizable for manned and unmanned aircraft. Serenity instantaneously detects hostile fire and delivers precise source coordinates.

ISR Services

Logos provide experienced personnel to operate and maintain all our sensors. Our experts aid in operations and critical missions support, technology deployment and employment, field equipment maintenance and logistics management, and hardware and software procurement.

Our world-class field analysts and trainers specialize in Activity-Based Analytics (ABA) tools and techniques. ABA enables users to quickly filter and store the geo-temporal elements of data pulled from many sensor types, making it easier to discover the underlying relationships between various datasets.

Logos also provides in-house engineering for concept design, development, and production at our own and partner facilities.

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