Whether deployed in foreign waters or operating in and around a forward operating base (FOB), a military unit must always take into consideration the need for force protection. Our rugged, battle-proven wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) systems provide the necessary coverage to safeguard troops from enemy ambush.

Our aerostat-based systemsKestrel Block II and the Serenity hostile-fire detection system—are ideal for FOBs. Aerostats can hover over a target area for days and weeks at a time, allowing our WAMI sensors to provide a level of persistent surveillance unmatched by sensors on other airborne platforms.

Our aircraft-based systems also cover city-sized areas, and because they are on a moving platform, they are ideal for operations overwatch and other mission sets that require troops to be on the move.

For more information on WAMI for force protection, please email contactus@logos-technologies.com.