Event security surveillance

WAMI Surveillance Systems for Events

In today’s world, large scale events provide an attractive target for terrorists.

Fortunately, there’s wide-area motion imagery (WAMI). Logos Technologies WAMI systems can assist security personnel in deterring and defending against terrorist attacks.

Our aerostat-based systems helped safeguard the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and since then, we’ve been developing even lighter and more powerful advanced WAMI systems for a wide range of platforms.


Logos Technologies WAMI systems can be mounted on a wide variety of airborne platforms, including unmanned aircraft, planes, helicopters, and aerostats.

This provides WAMI end users with both a static- persistent surveillance option and a dynamic, long-range option for covering events such as:

  • International sporting competitions
  • Diplomatic conferences
  • Outdoor music events
  • Political rallies and demonstrations


With a single WAMI system, an operator can monitor in real
time a whole city-sized area at once, detecting and tracking all movers within its vast f ield of view.

The WAMI system can also cue complementary sensors, such as high-resolution cameras, in order to zoom in on people and vehicles of interest.

In addition, WAMI system users can set up user-defined watchboxes to serve as virtual tripwires. When the system detects movement within one of these watchboxes, the operator gets an automated alert.

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