RedKite Pod
RedKite Pod

Wide-area motion imagery in a platform agnostic pod.

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RedKite Pod

RedKite Pod

Lightweight, Wide-Area Motion Imagery for Manned and Unmanned Aircraft

Redkite is a compact wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) system that’s housed in a platform-agnostic pod weighing less than 35 lbs. Despite its size, the electro-optical Redkite pod can, like larger WAMI sensors, monitor a city-sized area in near real-time, detecting and tracking multiple targets while also recording events for later analysis. Redkite’s on-board high-performance edge processor converts gigabytes of data into geo-tagged imagery in real time. With eight hours of mission data storage, operators on the ground can download both live and recorded imagery for real-time forensic analysis.



  • Ultra-lightweight – less than 35 lbs
  • Coverage of an area up to four kilometers (2.48 miles) in diameter
  • Resolution optimized to track vehicles and detect moving dismounts
  • High-performance, real-time onboard multi-modal edge processor (MMEP)
  • Onboard storage of up to eight hours of mission data
  • Streaming video windows to support more than 10 sensor operators at once
  • Imagery that can be transmitted to handheld devices
  • User-defined “watchboxes” to provide sensor operators automated detection alerts

The Redkite pod can be integrated onto light planes, helicopters, and medium-sized unmanned aircraft, including Group 3 UAS. As such, Redkite lends itself to a variety of military, homeland security, and public safety missions.

Mission Sets:

  • Force protection
  • Tactical-level persistent surveillance
  • Route reconnaissance and overwatch
  • Border security
  • Police aerial patrol
  • Suspect tracking
  • Data-driven policing
  • Monitoring wildfires and suppression progress

Customers for the Redkite WAMI pod include both domestic and international government and commercial entities. For more information about the Redkite pod, contact us.

Size, Weight, and Power

  • Pod size: 34 in (86 cm) L x 11 in (28 cm) W x 9 in (23 cm) H
  • Pod weight: < 35 lbs (16 kg)
  • Pod power: < 300 W
  • GCS size: 43 in (109 cm) L x 27 in (69 cm) W x 27 in (69 cm) H
  • GCS weight: < 250 lbs (113 kg)
  • GCS power: 1 KW


  • Operational altitude: 3,000 ft – 12,000 ft (1,000 – 4,000 m) AGL
  • Area of coverage: 1 km diameter from 3,000 ft (1,000 m) AGL
    4 km diameter from 12,000 ft (4,000 m) AGL
  • GSD: 0.13 m at 3,000 ft (1,000 m) AGL
    0.5 m at 12,000 ft (4,000 m) AGL
  • Camera: > 50 Mpx
  • Refresh rate: ≥ 2 Hz
  • Cross-cueing: Yes
  • Viewer windows: Up to 10 unique streaming video windows
  • GCS archive length: 100 hrs, expandable to 200 hrs
  • Onboard archive length: > 4 hrs, expandable to 8 hrs
  • Transmission to mobile devices: Yes
  • Internal processing: Compact embedded processing includes north-up
    rendering, real-time and DVR streaming, and full-mission storage.


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