At Logos Technologies, we’ve leveraged our system engineering and field expertise to support military and intelligence community users with a wide range of innovative sensors, platforms, and professional services.

Our wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) sensors provide city-sized coverage from both manned and unmanned platforms. In fact, our Kestrel sensor is the world’s only aerostat-mounted WAMI system deployed on the battlefield. It can remain on station around the clock for up to 30 days at a time and has collected more pixels of imagery than any other sensor in Afghanistan.

In addition to developing sensor systems, Logos provides expert operators, analysts, and trainers to help customers get the most out of WAMI and other systems, turning terabytes of data into actionable information. We also develop low-acoustic signature ground and air vehicles for Special Forces and other operators to boost the effectiveness of small, geographically dispersed units.

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Logos Technologies - Defense - ISR Sensors and Services

Logos provides lightweight wide-area sensors for manned and unmanned aircraft, aerostats towers, and naval ships—plus the experts to run them.

Logos Technologies - Defense - Multi-Sensor Fusion

At Logos Technologies, we tie together multiple sensors and process their disparate datasets, offering the user a fuller view of his operational environment.

Logos Technologies - Defense - Force Protection

Whether the enemy is planting an IED or launching a drone swarm, our rugged sensors provide coverage against a wide range of threats.

Logos Technologies - Defense - Large Data Processing

Our patented data processing techniques enable users to quickly and automatically transform petabytes of sensor input into actionable intelligence.  

Homeland Security

Nations today face a number of domestic security challenges, including terrorism, human trafficking, and drug smuggling. To check these threats, Logos Technologies, an industry leader in wide-area motion imagery (WAMI), has applied its battlefield-proven sensor technology to homeland security.

Whether mounted on aerostats or manned and unmanned aircraft, WAMI acts as a force multiplier for security personnel. One sensor provides a greater level of coverage than do multiple standard full motion video (FMV) cameras. In addition, WAMI makes FMV more effective by cueing hi-definition cameras to areas of interest.

Our newest lightweight aerostat-mounted WAMI system, Simera, is available for domestic and international security operations. Simera can stay over an area for weeks allowing operators and analysts to review footage after or during an ongoing event in order to reveal critical connections between locations, events, and individuals within a scene. It is also rapidly deployable. The entire system – aerostat, sensor, and ground station – can be carried in two small trailers and can go from package to operations in less than three hours.

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Logos Technologies - Homeland Security - Border Security

Our WAMI sensors each cover a city-sized area for up to weeks at a time, acting as a force multiplier and enabling performance metrics.

Logos Technologies - Homeland Security - Port Security

Mounted on an aerostat or mast, our wide-area sensors protect ports by monitoring ships coming in from sea and vehicles entering from the landside perimeter.  

Logos Technologies - Homeland Security - Event Security

Our WAMI sensors help safeguard diplomatic conferences, sporting competitions, and other major events by directing hi-def video cameras to areas of interest.  

Logos Technologies - Homeland Security - National Infrastructure Security

When a fence is not enough, wide-area sensors provide extra protection for sensitive sites, such as reservoirs, chemical plants, and nuclear reactors.

Logos Technologies - Homeland Security - Disaster Response and Relief

Rapidly deployed on a variety of airborne platforms, our lightweight wide-area sensors can be used to support disaster response and relief efforts.

Law Enforcement

Logos Technologies develops wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) sensors that serve as a force multiplier for law enforcement. Our sensors support smart, data-driven policing by providing officers with real-time and archived motion imagery of an area as large as many U.S. cities. Within its coverage zone, our WAMI sensors acquire and maintain the location of vehicles and individuals and automatically index that data through automated tracking algorithms and data processing tools. This imagery can be combined with other sensor input to support data analytics and evidence-based decision-making.

In response to the unique requirements of police forces and other first responders, Logos Technologies has developed Redkite, a lightweight (<45lbs), inexpensive, exportable wide-area sensor that can be carried in a pod or gimbal on a wide range airborne platforms. Redkite is comparably priced to a traditional full-motion video (FMV) camera, while covering an area 4 kilometers in diameter.

Logos WAMI sensors can also be fully integrated with the sensor interface and mapping systems already in service with many ALE organizations, including the AeroComputers Digital Mapping System. The system can also be easily integrated with other airborne sensors and a wide range of data links.

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Logos Technologies - Law Enforcement - Network Monitoring

Logos provides WAMI sensors to help police decode patterns of criminal behavior, allowing officers to identify gang sites, drug cashes, or other targets.

Logos Technologies - Law Enforcement - Investigative Support

Our wide-area sensors provide real-time investigative support when a crime is in progress, while recording imagery for later analysis by law enforcement.  

Logos Technologies - Law Enforcement - Operations Overwatch

Collect pre-mission intelligence and monitor actions in real time, with Logos WAMI sensors, to achieve unprecedented situational awareness.