We’ve leveraged our system engineering and field expertise to support military and intelligence community users with a wide range of innovative sensors, platforms, and professional services.

Our wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) sensors deliver city-sized surveillance coverage from manned and unmanned platforms. But that’s not all. As a company, Logos also provides the data processing solutions, as well as the system operators, analysts, and trainers to help customers get the most out of their systems, turning petabytes of data into actionable information.

In addition to our sensor work, we also develop low-acoustic signature ground and air vehicles for special operators to boost the effectiveness of small, geographically dispersed units.


From terrorism to human trafficking, nations today face a variety of domestic security challenges. To check these threats, Logos Technologies, an industry leader in wide-area motion imagery (WAMI), offers its proven sensor technology.

WAMI acts a force multiplier for security personnel. A single system provides more surveillance coverage than multiple standard full motion video (FMV) cameras. In addition, WAMI makes FMV more effective by cueing high-definition cameras to areas of interest.

Logos can deliver this WAMI capability in multiple forms—from sensor pods mounted on manned and unmanned aircraft to aerostat-based systems that can stay on station for weeks at a time.

Public Safety

Logos Technologies delivers wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) surveillance sensors that serve as a force multiplier for public safety efforts. Our systems provide officers and first responders with real-time and archived motion imagery of an area as large as many U.S. cities.

Within its coverage zone, WAMI will locate and track all vehicles and significant movers and automatically index that data via tracking algorithms and data processing tools. This imagery can be combined with other sensor input to support data analytics and evidence-based decision-making.

Logos WAMI systems can also be fully integrated with any number of data links and mapping systems, including the AeroComputers Digital Mapping System in service with many law enforcement organizations.