Investigative Support

When a crime is in progress, WAMI supports law enforcement by tracking the escape routes of suspects and identifying possible associates and safe houses. Redkite can be configured so every vehicle and person that moves within its field of view is tagged, tracked, and stored in a searchable and transmittable database, enabling real-time analysis.

Sensor users can open up to 10 video windows, or have imagery streamed to mobile devices, to automatically follow targets of interest,, facilitating rapid analysis and enabling law enforcement to take action based on the stops the perpetrator makes in his escape.

Operating as a forensics tool, Redkite can also help officers solve crimes by allowing analysts to sift through archived imagery and track data for details and clues. The WAMI sensor also pinpoints locations, such as intersections and buildings, where local surveillance cameras or police gunshot locating technology offer additional details about the perpetrators.

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