Border Security

Both in the United States and around the world, maintaining control over national borders has become a serious challenge. In many cases, persons crossing illegally into another country are escaping unfavorable economic or political conditions in their own home nations. Criminal networks have also taken advantage of the holes in border security.

Whether mounted on an aerostat or a maned or unmanned aircraft, WAMI sensors support border security operations by monitoring areas of vulnerability in a cost-effective way.

WAMI sensors allow users to monitor a city-sized area for weeks at a time, establish watchboxes over user-defined areas to provide automated tripwire alerts, and download streaming videos of areas within the field of view to handheld devices.  

Logos Technologies sensors support operations overwatch, criminal network monitoring, and pattern of life analysis. Our systems enable Activity-Based Analytics (ABA), which allows users to quickly filter and store the geo-temporal elements of data pulled from many sensor types, making it easier to discover the underlying relationships between various datasets. With ABA, users can build a robust common operating picture for planning, support, and in-depth analysis.

In addition, among other the sensors currently being used, WAMI is unique in that it offers a way for border security to build effectiveness metrics.

Logos Technologies WAMI systems deliver rich imaging and tracking data that assists border security personnel to better understand criminal activity and associated hot spots. A single airborne WAMI sensor system enables operators and investigators to monitor dozens, even hundreds, of discrete locations and targets simultaneously across an area as large as a city. And because our systems require fewer operators to monitor significantly larger areas of coverage, budget-constrained organizations are able to allocate resources more efficiently to reduce crime and improve public safety.
Logos WAMI sensors monitor city-sized areas for days and weeks at a time. While monitoring, our WAMI system tracks and stores the location and movement of all significant activity within the field of view. All collected information is automatically indexed and archived for easy access.

Imagery covering weeks, or even months, can be analyzed to gain insights into patterns of life that help identify likely hot spots, gathering places of gangs, and locations of drug or money drop-offs. With the analysis, law enforcement officials can develop tailored strategies to reduce crime in those areas.

Logos Technologies WAMI systems provide expansive coverage areas, and the ability to record events for up to 30 days. These capabilities provide border security officials the opportunity to design, collect, and refine performance metrics to assess the success of their tools and strategies.
During active border security operations, Logos Technologies WAMI systems have proven their ability to provide overwatch for border security personnel on the ground. Our WAMI systems have successfully supported CBP operations, guiding border security personnel to detected infiltrators and support vehicles, and providing increased wide-area situational awareness during the course of an apprehension.

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