Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Clear, actionable and reliable information is the cornerstone of successful operations. Logos Technologies’ advanced analytics products fuse industry-leading technology with real-world experience to provide a multidisciplinary approach to data collection and analysis for both government and commercial customers.

Taken in isolation, incoming data threads are of limited use to an analyst. But if woven together correctly, they can produce something far more powerful.

Logos Technologies helps customers maximize the value of data sources through Activity-Based Analytics (ABA). These tactics, techniques, and procedures allow the analyst to layer intelligence collected from multiple sources to quickly construct an overarching operational picture.

ABA utilizes the full spectrum of data sources to identify:

  • Patterns of life
  • Relationship networks
  • Anomalies and trends

We provide customers with onsite ABA analysts as well as train others to apply the same techniques to any complex dataset. In addition, Logos Technologies supports ABA workflow by offering automated processing solutions to increase speed and accuracy of analysis.

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Logos Technologies is an industry leader in data indexing and storage, providing analysts with the foundation to engage in complex operations and unlock the full potential of large data sets collected from assorted sensors.

By tagging the metadata of operational information, we allow for:

  • Immediate cross-referencing across multiple sources
  • Future discovery and exploitation of historic data
  • Centralized indexing for use by teams anywhere in the world
  • Real-time forensics

Geotemporal Tagging

Unlike traditional data collection methods, Activity-Based Analytics (ABA) focuses on relationships uncovered within the geographic area being monitored rather than on specific actors. Once gathered, data from multiple sources can be precisely indexed by:

  • Location
  • Date and time
  • Identifying attribute

With this information, analysts can create a complete historical picture of an entity, location, or network.

Data Normalization

Our tools can receive information in any form and condition it for exploitation. Beginning with unstructured metadata, our technology:

  • Identifies missing datasets
  • Combines different protocols
  • Matches data with existing resources
  • Anticipates activity
  • Assists in providing highly accurate analytic reports

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Either refining existing tools, or creating custom solutions, Logos engineers are trained to facilitate speed and effectiveness of the cross correlation of data. After a site survey and consultation, our engineers work with clients to refine or develop the tools to address their data processing needs, making their own data cross-correlation faster and more effective.

Custom Software Development

After identifying key processes in a customer workflow, our engineers create products tailored to:

  • Improve data management
  • Speed up analytic discovery
  • Minimize inefficiency

Application of Technical Solutions

Logos Technologies delivers quick technical solutions to tough analytical problems. After our analysts evaluate all data available for the mission, our engineers:

  • Develop data conditioning software
  • Update obsolete software
  • Increase geo-temporal accuracy

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When the mission calls for live exercise support, we provide the resources to enhance training.

Role Player Support

Logos Technologies has significant experience managing role player teams. Logos assembles the perfectly tailored team to support any training mission, including:

  • Surveillance/Counter Surveillance
  • Opposition Forces (OPFOR)
  • Forensic and/or real-time value

Sensor Deployment

Logos Technologies is experienced in deploying sensors for training exercises and incorporating sensor data into scenarios. As a result, trainees have access to data that has:

  • Geospatial and temporal representation
  • Depth and realism
  • Current or emerging sensor implications

Sensor Validation

Logos Technologies collects ground truth data used to validate the performance of sensors. This allows our customers to:

  • Understand the limitations of a sensor
  • Integrate the data into their analyses
  • Identify gaps in collection capability

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