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Multi-Modal Edge Processor

Multi-Modal Edge Processor

High-Volume, Real-Time Sensor Data Processing

Airborne imaging sensors generate an enormous amount of data. For instance, a 100 Mpx WAMI system operating at 2 Hz generates about 1 TB per hour. That’s why Logos Technologies offers real-time, high-performance computational solutions that live right on the platform. For our Multi-Modal Edge Processor, we select the perfect mix of hardware, software and firmware to rapidly crunch high-volume imagery data, optimizing performance, not just computational throughput. Be it a plane, satellite, or even Group II unmanned aircraft system —we develop a tailored solution that delivers a powerful data processing capability in a low-SWAP package.



  • Ultra-lightweight: 33 oz (940 grams)
  • Low power consumption: 46 watts
  • Optimized mix of CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and deep learning accelerators
  • Custom-tailored software and firmware
  • Onboard processing rates
    • Wide-area motion imagery – up to 1 billion pixels per second
    • LIDAR returns – at up to 6 billion points per second
    • Hyperspectral bands – up to 3 million spectra per second

Due to its small size and enormous power, the Multi-Modal Edge Processor can be integrated within a variety of airborne and space-based sensors, allowing it to support an almost endless number of mission sets.

Customers for the Multi-Modal Edge Processor include both domestic and international government and commercial entities. For more information about the Multi-Modal Edge Processor system, please email us.

Size, Weight, and Power

  • Size: 253 in3 (4140 cm3)
  • Weight: 33 oz (940 g)
  • Power: 46 W

Representative Applications
Wide-area motion imagery: up to 1 Billion pixels per second:

  • Orthorectification
  • Single-pixel level, full scene stabilization
  • Real-time, full scene detection

Hyperspectral bands: up to 3 Million spectra per second

  • Atmospheric compensation
  • Real-time anomaly detection
  • Real-time material identification

LIDAR returns: up to 6 Billion points per second

  • Real-time FOPEN threat detection
  • Real-time 3D model update

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