Edge Processing and Large Data Storage

Edge Processing and Large Data Storage

Edge Processing and Storage of Large Data Sets

Airborne imaging sensors generate an enormous amount of data. For example, in the course of a single airborne mission, a wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) sensor generates terabytes of data. This massive store of information must be processed in real time and archived in such way as to allow for real-time transmission, retrieval, and analysis while the sensor is still on mission.

That’s no mean feat, but it’s something that Logos Technologies does well.

And it’s not just with WAMI.

Leveraging our experience with miniaturized (WAMI) systems, Logos Technologies offers real-time, high-performance edge processing solutions that help customers get the most from their aircraft- and satellite-based sensors.

Our Multi-Modal Edge Processor (MMEP) combines a mix of CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and deep learning accelerators with custom-tailored software and firmware to process and condition data for quick retrieval. Representative applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Wide-area motion imagery – up to 1 Billion pixels per second
  • Hyperspectral bands – up to 3 Million spectra per second
  • LIDAR returns – up to 6 Billion points per second

The MMEP is an ultra-compact, yet powerful, data-processing unit that can be mounted on a wide variety of platforms (including Group II Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and spacecraft) and can transmit critical, real-time intelligence products to tactical operators on the ground.

For more information about our data processing and storage solutions, download our MMEP information sheet, or email us at contactus@logos-technologies.com.