Event Security

Major events—be they international sporting competitions, diplomatic conferences, large scale performances, etc. —serve as attractive targets for terrorism given their high media profile and the large number of people attending.

Setting up an aerostat-mounted wide-area motion imager (WAMI) sensor, such as Simera [hyperlink], over an area hosting such event provides organizers with an added layer of security.

WAMI sensor operators can monitor a city-sized area at once, focusing their attention on certain areas based on local intelligence tips. Logos Technologies sensors can also work with high resolution full-motion video cameras, cueing them to specific locations in order to take a closer look at people and vehicles of interest.

In addition, WAMI users can set up user-defined watchboxes that serve as tripwires to provide automated alerts if movement is detected within the designated areas.

For more information on how Logos Technologies can support your event security needs, please email contactus@logos-technologies.com.