Multi-Modal Sensor Pod

Wide-Area Motion Imagery for Manned and Unmanned Aircraft

As a leader in the field of wide-area motion imagery (WAMI), Logos Technologies is continually investing in, and advancing, the capabilities of sensor systems.

Currently under development is our Multi-Modal Sensor Pod (MMSP), a 250-lbs multi-sensor pod that can deploy on a medium-altitude unmanned aircraft and other platforms, giving operators a robust electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) WAMI capability without having to sacrifice other mission payloads or airborne endurance.

MMSP’s features include:

  • 250-lbs, platform-agnostic pod containing WAMI and room for two additional sensors
  • City-sized coverage area
  • Onboard sensor data processing
  • Streaming video windows to support more than 10 sensor operators at once
  • Imagery that can be transmitted to handheld devices
  • User-defined “watchboxes” to provided sensor operators automated detection alerts

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