Wide-Area Motion Imagery for Aerostats

Kestrel is the only wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) system to be mounted on an aerostat and used to protect U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. This electro-optical/infrared WAMI sensor can both detect and track multiple vehicles and dismounts moving over a city-sized area—and thanks to its aerostat platform, it can do so 24 hours a day, for weeks at a time. In addition, Kestrel can record everything occurring within its 360-degree field of view for later analysis.


Available to International Markets

Until recently, the Kestrel WAMI system was only available to the U.S. government and military. But now it is exportable to international customers as well. The updated Kestrel Block II provides the same capability as the original, battle-proven model in a compact package nearly half the weight of its 150-pound predecessor. This reduced weight allows Kestrel Block II to be mounted on a wider range of aerostats.


Kestrel KS-200 WAMI System

Kestrel Block II WAMI System

Kestrel’s features include:

  • Resolution optimized to track vehicles and detect moving dismounts
  • Unlimited pan and digital zoom within entire field of view
  • Ability to cue high-resolution full-motion video cameras for target identification
  • Motion imagery tagged, indexed, and archived for up to 30 days
  • Ruggedized system for easy operation and maintenance
  • Streaming video windows to support multiple sensor operators at once
  • User-defined “watchboxes” to provided sensor operators automated detection alerts

The Kestrel family has set new standards in WAMI systems. They are rugged and easy to maintain while in the field, and since the first sensor deployed with U.S. forces in Afghanistan back in September 2011, Kestrel has clocked more than 200,000 operational hours, safeguarding troops in and around forward operating bases against enemy ambushes and IEDs.


Kestrel’s long endurance and 30-day recording capability make it an excellent choice for:

  • Base protection
  • Force protection
  • Patrol/route reconnaissance and overwatch
  • Border security
  • Disaster relief/humanitarian assistance support
  • Sporting or large event security
  • Logistical hub protection
  • Counter-smuggling missions
  • Counter-terrorism security
  • Pattern-of-life analysis
  • Anti-poaching monitoring


Kestrel customers include U.S. and other government users as well as commercial entities. For more information on the Kestrel system, please email

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About Kestrel

The Kestrel day/night wide area persistent surveillance system is the only 360 degree wide area motion imagery system for aerostats. System capabilities are also configurable for manned and unmanned UAS/UAVs.

Kestrel Operator View Video

The Kestrel day-night wide area persistent surveillance system is the only 360 degree wide area surveillance system for aerostats. This video demonstrates the operator interface, which allows operations to view any location within the city sized field of view, in both real time and in DVR mode. The four viewer windows allow you to watch current activity, while backtracking activities in another window. Panning and digital zoom is available anywhere within the field of view. Imagery storage is currently configured for 30 days, but can be increased as needed.