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Multi-Modal Sensor Pod

Multi-Modal Sensor Pod

Platform-Flexible, High Performance Multi-Sensor System in a Compact Pod

Our Multi-Modal Sensor Pods (MMSP) house three sensors: wide-area motion imagery, hyperspectral, and inspection sensors. All collected data is processed onboard and in real time. And the three-sensor pod can deploy on manned and unmanned aircraft, including Group 3 unmanned UAS. Operators can access a robust multi-sensor capability, including day/night WAMI, without having to sacrifice other mission payloads or airborne endurance.


System Features:

  • Platform-flexible pod containing three sensors: wide-area motion imagery (WAMI), wide-area hyperspectral imaging (HSI), high resolution inspection sensor (IS)
  • City-sized coverage area
  • Cross-sensor cueing: Auto-cueing (tasking) of IS via WAMI alerts and HSI detections
  • WAMI image streams: Unique streaming video windows (Up to 10 depending on data-link bandwidth)
  • WAMI tracks, user-defined watchboxes, alerts: Over full-scene
  • HSI detections and identifications: Real-time anomaly/signature detections (compared to on-board library)
  • HSI derived images: False-color chip-outs (for HSI detected items of interest)
  • IS inspection images: High-resolution images (for WAMI and HSI auto-cued items/locations of interest)
  • IS multi-plexed image streams: Multi-plexed motion videos for multiple user- defined locations
  • Transmission to mobile devices: Provided over internal fully integrated datalink
  • Onboard data archival: Configured for > 4 hrs, expandable to 8 hrs

For more information about our Multi-Modal Sensor Pod, please contact us.

Payload Size, Weight, and Power

  • Pod Size: 63 in (160 cm) L x 16 in (40 cm) W 19 in (48 cm) H
  • Pod Weight: < 100 lbs (45 kg)
  • Pod Power: < 600 W
  • GCS Size: 43 in (110 cm) L x 27 in (70 cm) W x 27 in (70 cm) H
  • GCS Weight: < 250 lbs (115 kg)
  • GCS Power: < 1 kW



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