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Multi-Modal Sensor Pod

Multi-Modal Sensor Pod

Platform-Agnostic, High Performance Multi-Sensor System in a Compact Pod

As a leader in wide-area motion imagery (WAMI), Logos Technologies is continually investing in, and advancing, the capabilities of sensor systems. Our Multi-Modal Sensor Pods (MMSP) house three sensors, process collected data onboard, and can deploy on a medium-altitude unmanned aircraft and other platforms. Operators can access a robust multi-sensor capability, including day/night WAMI, without having to sacrifice other mission payloads or airborne endurance.



  • 50-250-lbs platform-agnostic pod containing WAMI and two additional sensors
  • City-sized coverage area
  • Onboard real-time multi-sensor data processing with our proprietary Multi-Modal Edge Processor
  • Onboard storage of up to eight hours of mission data
  • Streaming video windows to support more than 10 sensor operators at once
  • Imagery that can be transmitted to handheld devices
  • User-defined “watchboxes” to provided operators automated detection alerts

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MMSP Details

Multi-Modal Sensor Pods are developed to our customer’s unique requirements. Podded systems can range in size and weight, depending on the sensor combination selected. Systems developed have been as light as 50 pounds for three sensor modalities, including WAMI. For details pertaining to your specific needs, please contact us.


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