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Hybrid-Electric Military Motorcycle

SilentHawk is a hybrid-electric motorcycle under development by Logos Technologies for DARPA. The program calls for a lightweight, rugged, single-track vehicle that can operate near-silently for extended periods while transporting troops over hostile terrain. The current prototype combines a proven, multifuel hybrid-electric power system with a cutting-edge, off-road electric motorcycle. It also has a hub motor for all-wheel drive.



  • Multi-fuel hybrid system (gasoline, JP-5, JP-8, Jet-A1, propane, AVGAS)
  • Up to 170 miles total range (including 2 hrs in quiet mode)
  • Equipment-carrying capacity of 75 lbs
  • Top speed of 80 mph
  • Low acoustic signature
  • Two-wheel, all-terrain drive
  • Interactive graphical interface to display mission data and system status
  • Integrated mount and power interface for Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK)
  • Charging ports for equipment and handheld electronics
  • Surpasses IP 65 environmental sealing standard

Operators will benefit from the near-silent capability and ease of operation of an all-electric vehicle, along with the adaptable power generation and extended range of a multifuel internal combustion engine.

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  • Weight: 350 lbs
  • Range: 170 miles (genset + 2 hr quiet mode)
  • Range varies based on speed and terrain.
  • Top speed: 80 mph
  • Horsepower: 25 hp nominal / 40 hp peak
  • Torque: 122 ft-lbs
  • Traction control: Two-wheel drive
  • Storage capacity: 75 lbs
  • Front suspension: 12” fully adjustable
  • Rear suspension: 12” fully adjustable
  • Front wheel: 21” spoked
  • Rear wheel: 19: spoked
  • Seat height: 37:


  • Acoustic signature (7 m): < 55 dB quiet mode (conversation volume); < 75 dB genset mode (vacuum cleaner volume)
  • Genset power: 7.5 kW nomiman / 30 kW peak
  • Efficiency: Up to 16 percent gain due to regeneration
  • Fuel (genset): Gasoline, JP-5, JP-8, Jet-A1, propane, AVGAS
  • Battery: 5.8 KWH lithium-ion battery pack
  • External power ports: 3 ports, 500 W total
  • User interface: LED display with mount for additional handheld device


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