Arlington, VA— March 22, 2011 — Logos Technologies® Inc. announced today that it has acquired Pennsylvania Sustainable Technologies, LLC (PST), expanding its portfolio of capabilities to produce cost-effective liquid bio-fuels including BioJETTM and gasoline. PST technology compliments other Logos initiatives in affordable green energy such as advanced nuclear-reactor and nuclear-fuel research and engineering.

Logos Technologies CEO Greg Poe remarked, “Logos has acquired valuable intellectual property and contract backlog that apply directly to our work in economically competitive processes for converting cellulosic feedstock into useful liquid fuels.”

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Logos Technologies, LLC. serves customers across a broad range of technologies and services, including biofuels research, advanced nuclear engineering, national security services including cyber defense, and system design and integration including persistent surveillance systems for aircraft and aerostats. Logos continuously is developing advanced capabilities in advanced methods of energy production. Learn more at

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