Arlington, VA— August 8, 2011 — Logos Technologies LLC. announces delivery of the first two Kestrel wide area persistent surveillance systems to NAVAIR, after successful completion of testing at Yuma, AZ Proving Grounds.

The Kestrel system is an aerostat-based 360 degree motion-imagery system continuously covering an expansive area consistent with airborne platforms. The systems are being added as payloads to the Persistent Threat Detection System (PTDS) and Persistent Ground Surveillance System (PGSS) aerostats. Kestrel empowers the operators using multiple viewer windows, watch-box trigger alerts, digital zoom and sensor cross-cueing to track and locate activities of interest. Kestrel increases forward operating base protection and ISR support to forward deployed units. Kestrel continuously records and stores the entire field of view for in-depth forensic analysis.

“It is deeply satisfying to provide the power of Kestrel’s persistent surveillance solution to our war fighters,” stated Logos Program Manager David Luber. “This is going to explosively expand the soldier’s situational awareness of the activity surrounding the FOB.”

The Kestrel 360 degree sensor and companion ground processing station have been successfully integrated with the PTDS aerostat command center and will be deployed to theater in late summer. Logos Technologies is currently developing EO/IR Kestrel systems which will be delivered to NAVAIR this fall.

NAVAIR Public Release 11-1091
“Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited”

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