Fairfax, Va., June 11, 2013 – Logos Technologies has been awarded a $49,750,000 Small Business Innovative Research Phase III ID/IQ contract with a 5 year period of Performance from the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate (AFRL/RI) in Rome, N.Y. The contract will facilitate multi-sensor tracking and the rapid extraction of intelligence from large data sets, allowing operators to predict target set behavior.

The Processing Exploitation and Analysis of Large Data Sets (PEALDS) program will leverage the work of Logos Technologies in Intelligent Persistent Surveillance to better collect, catalogue, process, exploit and disseminate different streams of data from different sensors, such as SIGINT, full motion video cameras and wide-area surveillance systems.

“Intelligent Persistent Surveillance moves beyond sensors and focuses on getting useful information to the warfighter in real-time,” said Greg Poe, CEO of Logos Technologies. “It relies on sophisticated tools and methodologies, including Activity-Based Intelligence, which looks at how events interact with each other.”

PEALDS is a Small Business Innovation Research Phase III program. The contract will build on earlier efforts, such as the Vast Imagery Streaming Technology (VIST). The VIST software is used in the Logos developed Kestrel system. Kestrel is the only operational wide-area surveillance system for tethered airships.

“We are constantly looking at how to improve the intelligence product of sensors,” said Frank Purdy, director of the National Security Services Division at Logos Technologies. “Working with multiple collection systems and data sets provides the knowledge to move us from reactive analytics topredictive analytics.”

In January, Logos Technologies formally entered into a Cooperative Research And Develop Agreement (CRADA) with AFRL/RI entitled “Exploitation and Analysis of Various Large Data Sets.” Like the PEALDS program, the CRADA will help advance U.S. Air Force data exploitation and tracking capabilities.

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