FAIRFAX, Va.—May 7, 2021—Logos Technologies, a leader in wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) systems, announced today that it is further shifting its airborne sensors to a modular design for easy replacement of parts and accommodation to different unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

Previously, the company’s electro-optical and infrared WAMI systems for tactical UAS came in two form factors: 1) a super-lightweight integrated version designed for the payload bay of one particular UAS and 2) a hard point-mounted WAMI pod that was platform-agnostic but lacked line replaceable units.

We’ve made some significant changes,” said Doug Rombough, VP of Business Development of Logos Technologies. “System internals are now designed in modules. This enables our WAMI systems to be reconfigured to the payload bays of different UAS, to have damaged parts easily swapped out, and to switch between electro-optical and infrared cameras.


With this new modularity, Logos Technologies WAMI systems offer the customer maximum flexibility. They do not have to buy one particular tactical UAS to get a WAMI capability. Instead, they can choose from a range of American and international UAS that have a payload capacity of more than 22 pounds.

And as for the podded WAMI systems, being able to swap out an electro-optical camera for an infrared one means the warfighter can perform a greater range of missions.

The goal here,” Rombough said, “is to make WAMI as easy and ubiquitous on UAS as is standard full-motion video cameras.