Arlington, VA— March 1, 2012 — Logos Technologies has delivered its first two day/night Kestrel wide-area persistent surveillance systems to the U.S. Army to be deployed on aerostats, or tethered blimps, in Afghanistan.

Replacing current technologies that are only able to operate during daylight hours, the new electro-optical/infrared Kestrel units will be mounted on Persistent Threat Detection System aerostats, offering sensor operators round-the-clock coverage of a forward operating base and its environs.

The result is an extra layer of protection for troops in the field.

“Before, if you wanted night vision, you had to rely on cameras with a very narrow field of view,” said Greg Poe, CEO of Logos Technologies. “These new Kestrel units provide our warfighters true wide-area persistent surveillance at night.”

Kestrel is the only 360-degree persistent surveillance system for aerostats capable of scanning a city-sized area at once, making it virtually impossible to sneak up to, or through, a protected area.

When the system detects a target within its field of view, it cues a high-powered, full motion video camera that can focus on the suspicious activity. Unlike other systems, Kestrel can also record every event that happens in a monitored area for up to 30 days.

“This offers the operator a powerful imagery-gathering tool,” said David Luber, Kestrel Program Manager for Logos Technologies. “With it, you can detect patterns of behavior over time, uncovering previously unidentified threats.”

Developed within 12 months, Kestrel represents a nimble systems engineering approach to customer needs.

Kestrel is currently employed on both the Persistent Threat Detection System and Persistence Ground Surveillance System in Afghanistan. But it also has applications for border patrol, counter-trafficking and other homeland security missions.

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