Doubles Office Space and Employees

Raleigh, NC— December 20, 2011 — Logos Technologies LLC. will open a 4,391 sq. ft. expansion to its Raleigh, NC office on January 18, 2012. This is the second recent addition to the Raleigh office; and it houses a persistent surveillance data center to provide additional resources for its growing Technology Division to serve customers in the Department of Defense and intelligence community. Logos opened in Raleigh in 2003 with one pioneering employee. Since then, the branch has experienced tremendous growth. In 2011, the office grew by 98% from 7,454 sq. ft. to 14,775 sq. ft. Twenty-one new employees were hired in 2011, boosting the number of employees in the Raleigh office from 21 at the beginning of the year to 44 in December. “The recent growth of the Raleigh operation exceeds Logos historic average growth and demonstrates our corporate commitment to expanding Raleigh operations,” said Michael Pagels, Deputy Director of the Technology Division. “The Triangle is a great place for a growing small business in the defense community.” A majority of the work produced by Logos in Raleigh is accomplished by the Technology Division.

The intellectually curious scientists, engineers and technicians of Logos come from many domains – communications, synthetic and biofuels, software engineering, sensor processing, space systems, systems integration—synthesizing a broad knowledge base to support innovative projects and military contracts. “Logos’ maturity in our industry as a provider of militarily relevant capabilities demonstrates how unique our capabilities truly are. Without being exceptional, we would not have lasted this long in such a competitive industry,” Pagels said of Logos continued success and growth. “We reward innovation. We look for out-of-the-box solutions to classically insurmountable problems and we only hire the best.”

About Logos Technologies

Logos Technologies, LLC. serves customers across a broad range of technologies and services, including biofuels research, advanced nuclear engineering, national security services including cyber defense, and system design and integration including persistent surveillance systems for aircraft and aerostats. Logos continuously is developing advanced capabilities in advanced methods of energy production. Learn more at

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