NatSurFact® line of products provides environmentally friendly, cost-effective biosurfactants that outperform traditional chemicals in a range of commercial applications.

FAIRFAX, Virginia – June 16, 2014 – Logos Technologies is introducing a line of highly efficient, fully biodegradable surfactants for use in personal care and household cleaning products. TheNatSurFact product line is based on naturally occurring organic biosurfactants, called rhamnolipids, which have been proven to be up to 1000 times more efficacious than current industry-standard agents, such as petroleum-based equivalents.

Surfactants are agents that interact at the interface between two fluids, or a liquid and a solid. Common effects they promote include the foaming of detergents or the emulsification of oils. By using rhamnolipids rather than environmentally harsher sulfate-or-phosphate-based surfactants, the NatSurFact line offers sustainably produced and ecofriendly formulations with applicability to multiple industries.

“Consumers are beginning to ask for more environmentally and socially sustainable products in many applications, including personal care and household cleaning,” offered Dan Derr, Business Area Lead for Logos Technologies’ BioChemical Products Group. “The NatSurFact line means that companies will no longer have to choose between meeting consumers’ expectations for environmentally sound products and meeting bottom-line targets.”

Launched at TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo this week in Washington, D.C., NatSurFact is one of the first commercial applications of rhamnolipids, natural compounds produced by microbes including bacteria and yeast. A report by the Environmental Protection Agency concluded that rhamnolipids are readily biodegradable and have no adverse effects on humans or the environment, differentiating the compounds from conventional surfactants.

“The value of these biosurfactants is apparent in many industries,” Derr continued. “Because of its adaptability and high potency, NatSurFact has the potential to be disruptrive in sectors as varied as personal care, household cleaning, agriculture, and chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (cEOR).”

NatSurFact is ready now, and Logos Technologies is actively seeking additional industry partners across a number of sectors. Samples can be supplied for independent analysis upon request.

For more information about NatSurFact, visit booth #643 at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo, or download the NatSurFact whitepaper at

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