ARLINGTON, VA, December 4, 2010 – Logos Technologies, LLC. announced today that it successfully completed a project for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in support of the Urban Challenge robotic-vehicle competition held in Victorville, CA on November 3. Logos operated an airborne system that orbited above the event while imaging and recording the entire area twice per second at 1-ft resolution. Five terabytes of data was recorded and is of sufficient fidelity to continuously follow all vehicles and most people at the event. A high-bandwidth data-link with the orbiting aircraft provided real-time control of 15 independently locatable image streams demonstrating the ability of one specially equipped aircraft to equal the capability of 10 or more conventionally equipped aircraft. All recorded and real-time imagery from the Logos system is processed to remove motion and aspect-angle effects making displayed image streams appear as though they were collected from stationary platform fixed above a moving or stationary area of interest.

DARPA used Logos imagery during the event to continuously track competing vehicles and to maintain synoptic situation awareness from start to finish, a span of nearly nine hours. DARPA also used stored Logos imagery to review the details of complex vehicle interactions after the event reached a highly successful conclusion. Logos designed, built, and operated the six-camera airborne sensor and the ground station providing exploitation, control, and data dissemination. L3 Communications provided the data link that supported real-time access to the orbiting aircraft, which functioned as a data server for real-time users. P-V Labs provided the stabilized airborne sensor gimbal and CRI provided test, integration, and support.

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