ARLINGTON, VA – September 10, 2010 – Logos Technologies, LLC. announced today that it has been awarded the second phase of BioJETTM from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to produce fully compatible jet fuel from cellulose – the structural component of all plants and algae. With this process, Logos scientists and their team mates estimate, the cellulose waste streams from agriculture, industries, and cities could supply a significant amount of U.S. transportation fuel needs with a fossil-fuel substitute that does not introduce additional atmospheric carbon dioxide, does not adversely affect food prices, and offers superior performance and engine compatibility when compared to current biofuels. This phase of the BioJETTM Program was awarded following the successful execution of the first phase of the contract, and requires the delivery of larger quantities of jet fuel with a projected cost of less than $3.00 a gallon.

“I am delighted that Logos Technologies has been selected to continue a program that will ultimately help solve one of the most pressing problems the U.S. military and our country faces — the need to greatly increase domestic production of alternative energy”; said Congressman Jim Moran. “Small businesses are our nation’s engine for innovation and job creation. I am thrilled that this tradition continues with one of Arlington County’s own.”

Logos Technologies CEO, Dr. Greg Poe said, “While fully compatible jet fuel produced from cellulose offers many advantages over other sources, its production demands more complicated processing than do current biofuel-production approaches. We and our BioJETTM team have shown that jet fuel can be produced economically and efficiently from cellulosic biomass feedstock and, to date, we have met all DARPA milestones. We look forward to continuing this important program with DARPA.

Logos’ effort in Phase-1 was worth $19.6 million. This Phase-2 base award totals $17.5 million without options. The project team of 10 organizations from 5 states – including universities and large and small businesses – will be managed by Logos’ Energy Systems Division at its process-integration laboratory in northern Virginia.

Additional information:

Logos Technologies, LLC. is a small business serving customers across a broad range of technologies and services including energy research and development in biofuels and advanced nuclear engineering, system design and integration, remote sensing and exploitation, information technology, infrastructure protection, stability operations, information/facility security, intelligence analysis, and field operations. Logos is aggressively developing advanced capabilities in this and other advanced methods of energy production.

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Dr. Michael S. Mulqueen
Chief Scientist and Manager, Renewable Energy and Biofuels Group,
Logos Energy Systems Division
+1 703 584 5737