Redkite wide-area sensor further reduced in weight for tactical UAVs, multi-sensor payloads

FAIRFAX, Va.— May 16, 2016— Logos Technologies will be showcasing its weight-reduced Redkite wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) sensor at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), held on May 23–26, in Tampa, Fla.

At 35 pounds, Redkite was already the lightest, smallest WAMI system on the market.

Redkite Sensor Pod

Now, company engineers have further reduced the sensor to under 30 pounds, enabling smaller Department of Defense Group 3 unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to carry Redkite.

“We are constantly pushing the limits of innovation with our systems,” says John Marion, president of Logos Technologies, “and making WAMI accessible to more customers for more mission sets.”

The new lighter weight Redkite can also be mounted on larger platforms alongside other sensors, such as full-motion video or hyperspectral cameras. This multi-payload arrangement allows operators to engage in real-time sensor cross-cueing.

“It all goes back to delivering more powerful capabilities in smaller packages,” Marion says.

Currently under development is an even lighter weight version of Redkite that weighs 20 pounds or less and can be integrated into Department of Defense Group 2/3 unmanned aircraft systems.

Other innovative systems Logos Technologies plans to show at SOFIC include the SilentHawk hybrid-electric quiet motorcycle and the Simera lightweight aerostat-/tower-based WAMI sensor.

For more information on Logos Technologies and its innovative products, please visit Booth 223 at the Tampa Convention Center.


About Logos Technologies

Founded in 1996, Logos Technologies LLC is a diversified science, engineering and technology company specializing in the fields of advanced sensors, wide-area motion imagery, advanced analytics and processing of large, multisource datasets. Logos serves government customers, including the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and Department of Homeland Security, as well as a range of customers in commercial and international markets.

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