Logos Technologies LLC, a world leader in wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) sensors and compact airborne processing systems, has been updating its ISR offerings for tethered aerostats as part of its corporate commitment to delivering to military and homeland security customers the most cutting-edge persistent surveillance products.

Currently, the company’s portfolio of ISR products for aerostats includes two ultra-light WAMI sensors—the 80-pound EO/IR Kestrel Block II and the even lighter EO-only Simera—as well as the Serenity dual-sensor hostile fire detection system (HFDS), all of which are undergoing software and firmware updates for increased performance.

“At Logos, we’ve made a name for ourselves developing advanced WAMI and other airborne systems, and we are constantly looking at ways to advance that ISR technology,” said John Marion, president of Logos Technologies.

Dwarfing the standard full-motion video (FMV) camera in coverage, WAMI systems can image a vast, city-sized area all at once—detecting and tracking every significant movement within that surveilled zone. And thanks to their aerostat platforms, these WAMI sensors can continue doing so for hours, days and even weeks at a stretch.

Both Kestrel Block II and Simera offer 360-degree coverage of the monitored area as well as live and recorded video “chip-outs” to users on the ground. The systems can both track an unfolding incident, while also allowing users to simultaneously rewind footage of the event to figure how it started, who was involved and from where did they come.

“It’s like having a live Google Earth with a DVR-like capability,” Marion said.

In addition to software updates to Kestrel Block II and Simera, Logos Technologies has been giving its Serenity dual-sensor HFDS a refresh too. Mounted on a tethered aerostat, Serenity combines electro-optical (EO) and acoustic sensors to pinpoint the origin of heavy weapons fire and explosive detonations from up to 10 kilometers away.

“Because it uses two sensors, Serenity has a lower false-positive rate compared to other hostile fire detection systems on the market,” Marion said. “It can also be combined with an aerostat-mounted WAMI system, making it very formidable. Even then, we are always fine-tuning.”

Logos Technologies is a diversified science, engineering and technology company specializing in the fields of advanced sensors, WAMI wide area motion imagery, advanced analytics and processing of large, multi-source datasets. Logos serves government customers including the Department of Defense, Department of Energy and Department of Homeland Security, as well as a range of customers in commercial and international markets.