Announcement comes after Redkite sensor clinches another award, from Aviation Week, in December


FAIRFAX, Va. — January 25, 2018 Logos Technologies announced today that it has been selected by GSN: Government Security News for a 2017 Homeland Security Award for Redkite, a lightweight wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) sensor system designed to counter insurgent, terrorist and cross-border threats. Redkite can also be used for disaster relief efforts.

The magazine called Redkite the “Best City-Wide Video Surveillance” solution of the year.

“We are honored to be recognized by a leading homeland security publication for our work on Redkite,” said John Marion, president of Logos Technologies. “At Logos, we are constantly pushing at the edge of what’s possible for WAMI sensors in terms of size and capabilities.”

Redkite weighs less than 30 lbs. Yet, like heavier airborne WAMI sensors, Redkite can image in real time a city-sized area (over 12 square kilometers) at once—detecting and recording all significant movers within the scene.

Redkite sensor pod weighs under 30 pounds.

Redkite sensor pod weighs under 30 pounds.

While it is in the air, the lightweight wide-area sensor also records, stores and archives up to eight hours of this data for forensic analysis. Users on the ground can access this imagery, selecting up to 10 different real-time and recorded video feeds, or “chip-outs,” and view them on their mobile devices.

This allows security personnel to track suspects over a wide area, and even back in time, uncovering safe houses, confederates and other subjects of interest otherwise missed by narrow-field cameras.

“Besides its military use for the tactical commander, Redkite is ideal for major event security, port security and border security,” Marion said. “It can also support emergency crews during disaster relief missions by surveilling damaged properties, roads and bridges, and the movement of displaced people.”

Logos offers two versions of Redkite:

  • A platform-agnostic pod that can be mounted externally to a wide variety of planes, helicopters, and unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and
  • An integrated system for the payload bay of those Group 3 UAS without hard points on their wings, such as the Insitu IntegratorBeing small and lightweight, yet also powerful and versatile, “the Redkite wide-area sensor was a natural choice for Best City-Wide Video Surveillance,” said GSN: Government Security News publisher Christopher Zawadzki.

This is the second time Logos Technologies has won recognition for its WAMI sensor work from GSN. In 2012, it garnered an award (“Best Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution”) for its aerostat-mounted Kestrel system.

​In addition to those from GSN, Logos Technologies WAMI systems have won multiple awards from other publications, including Best New Defense Product of 2018 from Aviation Week for Redkite.


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