FAIRFAX, Va. – June 9, 2016 MAG Aerospace and Logos Technologies announced today that the ultra-light Redkite wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) ISR sensor has been successfully tested aboard a Cessna 206 turboprop in Carthage, North Carolina.

Mag-Logos Logo SquareThe airborne test, which took place in late May, proved the viability of WAMI as an on-demand airborne service by streaming video down to Android tablets held by ground personnel.

“We’re on the cusp of offering, for the very first time, a cutting-edge turnkey solution that has never been available before,” says Joe Fluet, CEO at MAG Anullerospace, which provides aerial training and sensing solutions.

Developed by Logos Technologies, Redkite weighs under 30lbs and features a 50-plus megapixel camera to image an area up to four kilometers (2.48 miles) in diameter (at 12,000 feet AGL), monitoring hundreds of movers at once.

Redkite can provide up to 10 video windows within its expansive field of view, allowing multiple users to stream and watch their own area of interest on tablets or other mobile devices.

In addition, Redkite records, stores, and processes all activity within its coverage area for up to eight hours, enabling users to rewind through imagery and analyze past events in real-time or forensically on the ground.

Despite these advanced capabilities, the entire system requires less than 250 watts to operate.

“Redkite is the smallest, most power-efficient WAMI system available on the market,” says John Marion, president of Logos Technologies.

MAG Aerospace plans to have the Cessna 206 and integrated Redkite pod, along with operators and maintenance crews, delivered to customers on short notice.
Uses for the turnkey WAMI solution include:

  1. Search and Rescue;
  2. Disaster Relief;
  3. Border and Event Security;
  4. Airborne Law Enforcement;
  5. Scientific Research; and
  6. Imagery Collection for Data Analytics.

Flying thousands of ISR missions and sensing 136.5 million square miles, MAG Aerospace has extensive experience supporting international, U.S. government and commercial customers.

“We look forward to working with customers, both here and around the world, who require on-demand WAMI solutions for a variety of mission sets,” Fluet says.


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