MicroKestrel Portable Persistent Surveillance

Not everyone has access to a helicopter, or a Group 2 or larger unmanned aircraft system (UAS) with which to conduct persistent surveillance. That’s why Logos Technologies developed the ultra-light MicroKestrel, our most portable, rapid-deploy wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) system.

MicroKestrel can be mounted on small, Group 1 UAS—both tethered and untethered—for use by ground personnel conducting force protection, disaster relief, smart policing, and other missions.

Launched in just minutes, MicroKestrel operates at 200-400 feet, from which height the WAMI system detects and tracks significant movers, such as vehicles, within a 2.5-kilometer radius and makes out people on foot at a radius of 1 kilometer, in real time. When operating from a tethered UAS, the sensor can also stay aloft for long periods of time, delivering true portable persistent surveillance.

MicroKestrel also works in tag-team fashion with standard video cameras on nearby UAS. Partnered in such a fashion, the WAMI system detects and tracks a target over the entire coverage area, while the sensor operator cues a nearby high-resolution camera to make a positive identification.

MicroKestrel Portable Persistent Surveillance Video

Each MicroKestrel pod has a 180-degree continuous field of view and weighs under 5 pounds, so many Group 1 platforms can carry two pods for a full 360-degree persistent surveillance field of view.

Real-time data processing is done at the sensor, and users receive imagery in real time.  The entire field of view is also recorded/stored on a storage device for downloading and later forensic use.

MicroKestrel shown on the Hoverfly LiveSky HL Spectre.