Logos Technologies demonstrates wide-area motion imagery for urban operations

FAIRFAX, Va.—April 5, 2018 —Logos Technologies announced today that its lightweight Redkite wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) system was successfully demonstrated during the March 15-25 Advanced Naval Technology Exercises (ANTX), at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif.

Flown on a experimental gyrocopter (which served as a surrogate for the Marine/Navy RQ-21A Blackjack unmanned aerial vehicle), Redkite showed how a Marine rifle company could use WAMI to gather critical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data on threats in a dense, urban littoral area.

“Even though it weighs less than 30lbs, Redkite is a versatile and powerful airborne ISR tool,” Doug Rombough, Vice President of Business Development at Logos Technologies, said. “It can go on a variety of manned and unmanned platforms, and a single WAMI unit can image and record, detect and track, every moving vehicle within a 12-square-kilometer area.”

In addition, Redkite allows users on the ground to select up to 10 different real-time and recorded video feeds from within the WAMI system’s coverage area and view them on desktop screens, tablets, and other mobile devices.

ANTX was hosted by the Urban 5th Generation Marine (U5G) Task Force, which is charged with improving the Corps’ situational awareness and counter-reconnaissance; maneuver and fires; and command, control, communications, and computers in urban littoral operations.

The exercise plan focused on efforts at the rifle company level, with Marines being sent to secure “a key piece of infrastructure in a hostile environment where adversaries blend with civilians requiring a high degree of urban situational awareness, precision effects, and minimal signature.”


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