Redkite-I wide-area sensor for Insitu Integrator tactical UAS to be exhibited at LAND FORCES 2018

Redkite-I on Insitu Integrator

Redkite-I on Insitu Integrator

Logos Technologies announced today that it will be showcasing its Redkite-I wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) system at the LAND FORCES 2018 conference held September 4-6 in Adelaide, Australia. This will be the first time the lightweight airborne sensor, designed for the Insitu Integrator™ tactical unmanned aircraft, will be at a defence exhibition in Australia.

‘WAMI systems are capable of monitoring an entire city-sized area, all at once, and in real time’, said Alan Murdoch, VP of International Programs at Logos Technologies. ‘We have utilised our more than 20 years of WAMI development experience to continue to reduce the sensor’s size, weight, and power to bring a full, real-time WAMI capability to a small, group 3 UAS’.

The new Redkite-I offers similar capabilities as traditional WAMI systems. However, instead of having to be mounted on aerostats or manned aircraft, the Redkite-I WAMI system is light enough (25 pounds, or 12 kg) to be carried inside the payload bay of the Insitu Integrator.

The Redkite-I WAMI system:

  • Continuously images a city-sized area in real time;
  • Automatically processes the collected imagery into an orthorectified, georegistered, time-referenced video;
  • Records and archives the full field of view on the unmanned aircraft for up to eight hours; and
  • Provides immediate access to all the recorded imagery for real-time forensic analysis.

Flying on an Insitu Integrator at 12,000 feet AGL, Redkite-I covers 12 square kilometers in medium resolution—enough to detect and track all significant movers within the WAMI system’s vast field of view. Redkite-I can also cue the narrow-field, high-resolution full motion video camera on the aircraft to take a more detailed look at a particular person or location of interest.

Users on the ground can access up to 10 different real-time and recorded imagery feeds pulled from within the system’s expansive field of view. Those ‘chip-outs’ are sent directly to hundreds or more screens or handheld devices on the ground.

This makes the WAMI sensor a powerful intelligence tool for force protection, border security, disaster response, and other missions,

said Murdoch

In addition to the Insitu Integrator version, Logos Technologies also offers a Redkite system that can be housed in a platform-independent pod, which can be mounted to planes, helicopters, and other unmanned aircraft systems.

For more information about Logos Technologies and our Redkite-I WAMI system, please stop by Stand 2N24, in Hall 2, at the Adelaide Convention Centre.